Typical of those spreading


Typical of those spreading the ‘seditious fallacies of the mac doctrine’, ‘mac’ was not the first to focus in this area. The first company to create a true ‘non-linear editor’ was CMX (joint venture of CBS and Memorex) in 1971. The first non-linear editing computer was created by Editing Machines Corp with the EMC2 harddisk based offline editor in 1989. Two weeks later Avid Technologies introduced the Avid 1 with Media Composer which was based around an Apple II in 1988 (Apple had no initial input in developing the hardware or software). New Tek’s Video Toaster (Amiga Computers) was next in 1990. Premiere came out in 1991 and went cross platform in 1993. Apple did not get into the game until 1999 with Final Cut Pro because Steve Jobs wanted a product to compete with Premiere (funny how FCP & Prem Pro are nearly identical.)

Oh and the ‘top two’ are not FCP and Premire Pro. Last time I checked, Avid is still the king dog, Sony Vegas is winning ground everyday (ask Les Stroud ‘Survivorman’ who switched from FCP to Vegas Pro) and Grass Valley is no slouch either. FCP is popular, no doubt but it is not ‘the industry standard’. As I have stated in numerous posts, ‘standards change’.

You don’t have to ‘defrag’ a win vista computer either. Just like OSX (not prior versions) Vista automatically defrags when the system is idle. Oh and once and for all, the first major computer viruses were written for Apple Computers in 1982 (see “Rother J” virus.) The first PC viruses didn’t show up until 4 years later. And you’re right, there aren’t as many viruses as are for Windows, but most of the networks and computers on Earth run on the platform! Also, though OSX is based on the Unix platform and has more layers of code, since most macie’s have been lulled into a stupor of complacency, viruses can infect a mac (though not damage it) and cause it to be a carrier whereby the malicious code can leapfrog to other systems.

I’ve used macs and pc’s over the years and I just prefer pc’s because it’s no prob for me to build what I need. In the 15 years since I have been using either I have gotten hit with 2 viruses, 1 on a mac and 1 on a pc. I also have never had a pc ‘slow down’ over time. If anything ever went wrong, it was usually a hardware failure (which happens to mac’s too.) 9.9 times out of 10, it was due to ‘operator error’. I’ve heard macie’s say it often, but define ‘file structure being neat and clean?’ I always found mac file structure to be obnoxious and was always more comfortable finding stuff on a pc.

If your pc is slowing down, clean all of the junk out of the temp files. How long were you planning to hold onto all those cookies and webpages stored in your cache folder? A computer is a tool, just like a car or a gun. Keep it ‘clean’ and do regular basic maintenance on it and watch it last for years.

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