Two more life effects….


Two more life effects….

1) On Set Food: (This came from an advertising class back in the late 80’s?? Too long ago) You are filming an advert or even a short. The script calls for the actors to be eating, say ice cream. Using real ice cream will cause serious issues, it melts. So what to do? Mashed Potatoes, topped with Shaving Cream, and you can use real room temp chocolate. The mashed potatoes will not melt and the shaving cream will hold up longer than anything else. Just do not forget it is not food. Whiskey=weak tea…get the idea?

Walking on Water: This is an old and reused idea. I have seen this done with a board just about and inch or less under water, but the outline of the board shows, not so much due to the break line, but also due to the very slight change in visual texture and color. Replace the board with thick glass or plastic glass laid on a 2×4 frame. The transparency will allow for the color and texture to be carried “through” and it will be harder to tell the break line.

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