Two factors: 1- Tripod w


Two factors:
1- Tripod weight
2- Length and type sticks

Obviously, the heavier the tripod, the better. Fix: Hang a "sandbag" from the center column to increase mass loading on the tripod sticks. The type of tripod makes a big difference here. The ones with a mid-point speader will help. You can add weight on the spreader. I used to bungee my 3/4" deck on top of the mid-point spreader! Long, single tube sticks may actually develope a sympathetic resonant frequency that can make the tripod "walk"!
*The above comes from experience shooting Drag racing and my clients jet car. Vibration when 20 to 50 feet from these cars is beyond comprehension. I’ve actually had the tape vibrate of the head drum!!!

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