Two 5D Mark IIIs will


Two 5D Mark IIIs will certainly work, and will produce great results with a few caveats:


1. The speeches can't last more than 30 minutes.  This camera has a 30 minute continuous video recording limit.


2. If you are used to camcorders, and autofocus is part of your shooting style, you will miss it.  Sometimes, you will miss it a lot.


3. Outdoors, you will need to buy a separate monitor or a loupe for framing and focus.  The Canon's LCD may be washed out by the sun – and the optical viewfinder stops working when you record video.


As long as you are fully aware of these issues, and go into it with your eyes open, the $3499 5D Mark III is a great choice.


That said, if you're going with a large sensor interchangeable lens camera, and you don't need to stick with Nikon because of a pre-existing invesment in lenses, I recommend the $1049 Panasonic GH3. It has none of the Canon's limitations: it can shoot video continuously for hours, it has fast video autofocus and its viewfinder works while shooting video.  I am a GH3 shooter, and it is the best valie-for-money video/still camera on the market today.


This camera can produce wedding results like these:







Again, best of luck with your decision.  Hope this is helpful,



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