Trying to remember from th


Trying to remember from this last July 4th:

I ended up with the best results at either a 100th or 250th; this got the most crisp images at peak "blossoming."

This of course means that the aperture was wide. In theory, the sharpest images would result from the smallest aperture. I started out this way, but ended up going for the faster shutter speed instead. With slower shutter speeds the entire sky lights up, and the fireworks blend in.

Shoot early and often. After several minutes the sky begins to fill up with smoke. So by the time of the climactic final fireworks boom-anza, the smoke can really be getting in the way. Depends on atmospheric conditions of course. Yours may be different. But I wouldn’t wait until the end and the possibilty that the most dramatic/cleanest video potential will be at the beginning of program.

No matter what I said above, anyway you shoot fireworks will probably give you interesting usable images. Did my 4th with a Sony VX2100.

Merrie Merrie Merrie,


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