Try using a Garbage mask to


Try using a Garbage mask to put a color board or whatever you want that you can chromakey out later. You can see here, although it is different software he is using, the concept is the same for using masks. In Vegas I think it’s called a “Garbage Matte”. But you can use either word, just as long as you learn how to use the effect effectively. πŸ˜›
Try using the garbage mask tool to block out or replace any spots you are having trouble with.
Hope this helps,
Perryinjax Youtube channel
PS Here is some guy’s video tutorial about how to use garbage mattes; (I have NO affiliation with him or his channel or anything like that. Is just the best thing I could find quickly that shows you how to use the garbage masking to get rid of your shadows πŸ™‚
Where he is using another/second video with the mask, you can use a color board to replace the spots on your greenscreen where there are shadows, because the color board insert will be easy to chroma key outta there πŸ™‚

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