Try looking into the Sony


Try looking into the Sony Vegas Family. I use the PRO vesion, but i am sure one of the others would work just great. I would go with the Movie Studio, because even though it is cheap, it comes with some great features. here the link to sony’s website.

Another option is Premiere Elements. I have never used it before, but from what i hear, it is a great piece of software. This one comes with a basic version ofPhotoshop, that is a must have (in my opinion). I havePhotoshopCS4 in my pc and I use it all the time with Vegas.

I would not worry about a DVD burningsoftware. Windows Vista, as well aswindows7 comes with the DVD Maker (go to start, all programs, and it should be somewhere in thebeginningof the list). Most people oversee this littlesoftware, but i just love it and use all the time. It is pathetically easy to use, you can customize your menus with music and stuff, and there several templates to chose from. The endresult: A clean, fancy menu that amazes people the moment they put the dvd on the player.

I hope this helps!

From a fellow videomaker,


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