>Try aDuel 3.2 Ghz quad


>Try aDuel 3.2 Ghz quad core Mac pro with32 gigs of ram and a Nvidia Quadro FX 5600 with 1.5 GB of video ram. That will do it and will only cost you $16,349.00.

This was the computer I’ve had my eye on, but with two FX 5600’s!!!! lol

I know a guy who stuck two of those babies in his PC…he said he went from 24 hour renders down to30 minz!!!!! (AutoCAD 3D renders) These babies are lightning fast, especially withdual Intel Core Extreme processors….so now we’re up to about $22,000.

Hopefully the prices start falling faster, it would be nice to finally havea consumerpriced model that has maxed outthe speed limit.

I think I might be done with Mac however….It hasn’t always been this way, but lately, I’ve just been running into old headaches onmy macthat seem to havebeen eliminatied on a PC. The whole DVDSPBlu ray things is ticking me off too…

I would probably go with the New Nividia Quadro CX designed specifically for Adobe CS4 creative suite…It’s just as good as the FX if not better, but it is only made for the PC….another reason to switch.

These are the systems of the future, and will probably be the mainsteam for vidiots for quite awhile…Its not like you’ll need to go any fasterI think…I’m guessing 3 years should be enough time to get a seriously fast comp for a consumer price….I hope, but it may just be wishful thinking.

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