truthfully I find the foot


truthfully I find the footage off my go-pros to be very high quality.

but there are no manual controls, poor low light performance, and no audio input jacks…

but… they are still incredibly useful devices, everybody should buy one or two for thier camera bags.


keep the box it arrives in. That black plastic baseplate from the packaging material… a friend of mine was smacking himself in the head for throwing that out… it is a great mounting plate and very useful…. a little green painters masking tape and you can mount that sucker anywhere you need to mount the camera. I posted a link to one of my family home movies “Simple things” somewhere here in the forum, and all the scenes where the go-pro was mounted to my chase vehicle used that packaging mount and painters tape to attach the gopro to my Jimmy…. easy to use and peeled of easy too… you won’t find a better solution…. but beware this one little detail.. the go pro is a fisheye lens, read up on using fisheyes because everything looks far away or distorted if used improperly….

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