true…if you feel it will


true…if you feel it will help use it.

my advice is, don’t stick your fingers on your lens, and you won’t have to clean them off. Any impact hard enough to break the filter will no doubt send fragments of the filter into your lens front element. no gain there.

Ever try to get a seized/overtightened filter off a lens without breaking the lens?

and a lens hood will only provide a physical barrier between your lens and whatever may hit it (like your cars crumplezone).

It doesn’t alter/affect the amount/quality of light hitting the sensor.

What it does is prevent light from extreme angles from hitting the lens, and bouncing around between the lens elements, and causing flare, and loss of contrast. (little of that stray light would actually hit the sensor). think along the lines of pool balls bouncing around the table without actually going in the hole. nothing to raise your score, but possibly interfering with your shot.

so a lenshood will prevent fingers from hitting the lens.

a lenshood may save the lens in an impact, without sending glass fragments into your lens.

a lenshood will NEVER induce lensflare or ghosting internal reflections (like an unnescessary filter).

A lenshood will prevent flare and ghosting.

In a cost vs risk, analysis, the hood wins.

I’ve already been subjected to enough insult on this matter.

do what you want.

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