"True but they often


"True but they often ask "When will the job be done? How fast can you do it?"

And "How much will it cost?"

You can get a PC that has at least as good a performance as the iMac for hundreds less. I know from experience, my school’s art room has 30 new iMacs. My $600 PC outperforms them.

So in my opinion it’s more of a "do you want a pretty computer with limited customization", or "would you like a PC that can be pretty, can naturally do a wider variety of things, and is much more customizable and also in many aspects cheaper."

Go Mac if it’s only art and prettiness you want.

Go PC if you will want to do other things besides art, and if you want many more options.

by that logic, you can get a web cam for $30.00 that does wayyyyy more than your sony/panisonic/jvc for onehundreth the price.
it can do surveilence, video chat, motion sensor as well as record directly to pc, and allow you to offer video services for a fraction of the cost of those idiots that bought "Pro" cameras.

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