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Seriously, if you want info you have to give some other than the vague glossing over you posted. Where do you live? Is there travel involved? What’s the ratio of research you’ve done vs what the producers need to do? Who’s responsible for the narration script? What are your intentions for the final product? Is this just for a school project or do you intend it for public release? If so, what distribution method are you going to use?

You say it doesn’t have to be at ‘the most professional quality’ that’s code for ‘you don’t have any money’ and aren’t capable of compensating in other ways. If you can’t answer any of those questions yet, you need to put your project together as much as you can on your own. The more a professional has to do for you, the more it’s going to cost. Documentaries can be made on the cheap, but with out a real plan and some real cash to back it up no one seriously working will waste time with you. If they do, the potential for your project to turn into a ‘money pit’ is very high.

Now if you actually have a budget in place, you can contact some of your local production companies to get an idea what you’d be in for. Just from your description, I would suggest contacting your local university and see if they have a film or communications dept. and work out a deal with the professors and student’s to shoot your flick.

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