Thanks for the insight. I am not trascoding for DVD use, just to play on the WDTV streamer.  I will have the original AVI-DV capture if I ever want to edit, so I would start with that.


So…..I have read that AME does not do a great job converting interlaced to progressive….and you are telling me that H.264 wil convert my SD AVI-DV file to progressive whether I say "same as soure" (which is interlaced) or not.


I totally get the MPEG2 comment about making it interlaced and the DVD too and these always looked geat on an HDTV even as SD.


So,based on all that, perhaps my best soluion is to encode to MPEG2 (same as source) which will keep it interlaced and will dislay well on an HDTV similar to how my DVD's look.


Do I have it?  All makes sense other than why H.264 ignores the progressie/inerlaced setting…  Seems like since H.264 is a more modern codec, if it would just keep it interlaced that would be good.  Anway, I feel like I am gettng closer to a solution!





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