Travis, Everything that lo



Everything that looks black, isn’t necessarily. Your choices for ‘black’ background material are vast. Whether it’s cloth, paper, plastic, metal, wood or paint each material will have unique texture and light absorbing qualities that will be affected by light differently. It’s really going to depend on the look you want because one size won’t fit every instance of shooting.

The two primary light absorption or reflective qualities materials will have are matte and gloss. Now there are near infinite degrees of matte and gloss (like velvet and chrome for example) not to mention the many shades of black from charcoal gray to starfield. So you’ll just have to sample different textures of black materials and try different lighting setups to get the effect you’re looking for.

Just remember that the greater level of ‘matte’ the more light it will absorb and the ‘deeper’ it will look. The greater amount of ‘gloss’ and the more reflective it will be.

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