Tough budget.  Sony h


Tough budget.  Sony has a bluetooth lapel mic you can pin on the subject and it links to the ActiveShoe receiver on a Sony camcorder.  Or buy a $99 Zoom mic and place very close to the subject then sync the audio and video in the editor (challenging).  I think you cold save money on the editor and sink it into the camera and mic by using AVS4You Video Editor – lots of bang for the buck.  Also, Corel and Magix products are decent for this type of work.

The AVS4You has some nice titling effects for lower thirds, etc. and allows for video overlays like Picture in Picture or PowerPoint slides with adjustable opacity, etc. (Nectar and Music & Speech Cleaner) and (SoundSoap) offer audio cleaning tools for $199.00, $39.00, and $129.00 respectively.  Both offer trial/demos.  If you are going to use plug-ins instead of stand-alone tools, you won’t be able to use the AVS4You Video Editor, probably want at leat Vegas Studio version.

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The best tripods for video — 2021

Carefully comparing and reviewing system specs will ultimately help you find the best tripod to fit your needs and your budget.