Totallydepends on what you


Totallydepends on what you want to do with it, what the and what thepost production person/facility is doing,broadcastersstandardsare.

What are you doing and what is thepost production person/facility doing? What do you mean by “post production”? That willeffectthe reply greatly.

If you are doing thepost production yourself, think about this:

  • Manybroadcasters have a high audiostandard, that may, or may not be hard for you toachievedepending on yoursourcematerial. This is what Sound Track is for.
  • Will FCE give you the export options you need? FCP had more than you will know what to do with.
  • Does FCE give you the look you want, is live type good enough? Or do you need Motion?

Disclaimer: I haveneverpersonallyworked withbroadcast.

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