Totally agree! Thats why


Totally agree! Thats why I said, not all TVs support progressive scan signals. Remember that there are still a lot of old TVs out there that just have coaxial cable connectors. πŸ˜‰

All I know is that I have a 36 regular CRT style upstairs that has s-video, RCA, component and coaxial connection jacks. I have it hooked up via RCA connections and when I set the DVD player to use progressive scan all I get is a blue screen. Not sure why nor do I care but Im pretty sure that it may have something to do with using the RCA connections versus using the component connections. I could be wrong though. Downstairs on the 53 DLP hi-def there is no problem. There everything is hooked up via high-end component cables. If I have time today maybe Ill do some research as to how this all comes into play.

ishootparties: Sorry to get side tracked here. I would do what compousolver suggested and take the disk that the client(s) were trying to play and play them in a different DVD player.


Hank, I’m not sure I could cover a 25 cent bet. Can you drop it a bit? X-D

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