tonsofpcs Wrote:The delay


tonsofpcs Wrote:

The delay (probably a frame or two?) is most likely caused because your cameras are not sync’d to your switcher which has its own built in synchronization circuits which will delay the signals. If you can, genlock your cameras on the same length cable to the same black burst generator. (If not, but you do have at least one genlockable camera, genlock it to the video signal from the other camera)

Thanks Eric, I’ll have to do some research as to if and how to genlock these cameras. They are a pair of Sony EVI-D70. My tech guruh is on a week and a half vacation, so need to wait for him to return.

I’m wondering if the delay is a normal thing in the mixer, how does one handle the audio which now goes direct to the recording device? Is that left to the higher end professional mixing consoles that can sync the audio with the video? The Edirol doesn’t have any means to do this. Maybe we shouldn’t be so picky on a budget system. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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