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1. Hook the sound board to a camera with an external audio or microphone input. I know this takes attenuators for the mic, but the trouble is that the sound board is not in a convenient place to have a camera for recording purposes.

Is the sound board not in a convenient place or is it just that you’ve never had a camera nearby before? I’d check this out and see if you can put a camera there and get interesting/good coverage.

The sound board is just not in a good place. I tried having a camera there during a tech reharsal, but the angle was poor and prone to catching the audience in the shot.

2. Get an audio recorder of some kind. This seems like a great option, but I am at a loss of what to get. Are there any inexpensive options available?. I would like something I can just plug into an output of the churches mixing board and record.

This seems like a good option, maybe a small four-track recorder so you can add an additional mic or two for audience noise.

Record using a laptop.

This could work if you run an output from the mixer to the line/mic in.

After a little time I am looking at this unit:

Coupled with my MacBook. I think it will do the job nicely. Although I would prefer to find something a bit less spendy.

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