Tom, You’re right about e



You’re right about everything you said. I definitely agree with all of it.

The one thing is that eventually, I do think that after the Blu Ray/HDDVD battle looms to an end, eventually Hi def will slide in. I don’t think it will be as fast as, say VHS to DVD, but eventually the day will come.

So it’s sort of a gamble, really. Do I sell my aging GL-1, and buy this camera, assuming prices for hi-def will not be going down too much over time, so I only need to get two or three more hi def cameras when the time does come, or do I hope that prices will come down on HD, and I’ll be able to sell my SD stuff and jump directly up to HD in one hit without going out of business in the process.

It’s tough when the field you work in goes through these growing pains. I don’t exactly want to buy the crib and paint the walls before the baby’s born, but on the other hand, I don’t know exactly how long the HD gestation period will be, either.

At any rate, it’s a HD camera for a hair more than what I’m used to buying SD cameras for. It’s at least worth thinking about.

One last note. I read that the FX-1 is 3 Lux. That means that, at least in theory, it’s marginally better than my GL’s in low light.

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