Tom, The They Live scene i



The They Live scene is believable not because of the choreography itself. Few if any actual fights have a give and take so even. What makes it believable is the actors sell the hits and the compounded injuries quite well. And I’ve been involved in the martial arts for a very long time, taught for awhile and have trained with folks from more styles than I can remember including proponents of MMA style fighting. Anybody that tries to fight like that in real life is going to get themselves killed. Anyone stupid enough to get in close enough to grapple with me will wish they hadn’t.

I liked the TL scene because its reminiscent of semi-trained brawlers who know just enough about fighting to make a mess. Anyway, I’m sure debating ‘which style is better’ wasn’t what the thread was about. Martial arts is about human movement and if you are well trained in how the human body can move, all styles weaknesses can be exploited. BTW, I’m still scouring the net for the worst fight scene I’ve ever seen.

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