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You’re more than welcome for the info. Just as an aside, I didn’t get Vista Biz 64-bit initially because of the lack of software support at the time. Actually, now with SP1 quite a bit of my old 32-bit programs and plugins work just fine. Now we did run into some issues with printers as they didn’t have drivers up yet (which for the most part they either had no intention of making them or were just lazy about getting them out.) The initial build had XP Pro 32-bit SP3, but it was irking me that we had invested in 4GB of RAM but the system could only see 2.5 -2.75 at best. Finally, I had the tech’s order Vista Biz 64-bit and I’ve said it in other posts, ‘I could kick myself for not getting it sooner’. Now we have an older 32 bit XP NLE system we use for printing and junk leaving the 64 free to do graphics and video work. We bumped up the RAM to 8 Gigs and put in a second 512MB NVIDIA class video card and long render times are a thing of the past. Concerning Win 7, I’ll wait for a year or two after it comes out to allow the bugs to get worked out and the software we rely on to become compatible. Right now Vista Biz is a worthy successor to XP Pro so we’ll roll with that. It’s too bad Microsoft dropped the ball on advertising and trying to be all ‘Appley’. The beauty of windows has always been it isn’t an apple OS. The more they try to emulate ‘macieness’, the more they undermine the platform’s strengths. Oh and Vista Biz doesn’t have any of those goofy media programs on it to get in the way. Moviemaker is still on there however (at least it has its limited uses) and they have ‘widgets’, excuse me ‘gadgets’ that you can ‘mac-up’ your desktop with. Honestly….

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