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Reads like you’ve got an adequate setup to run Vegas 8 on either computer. Haven’t run into any ‘bugs’ with Vegas yet on our 32 or 64-bit systems yet, but will keep an eye out.

Though I’m a hardcore Avid/Premier editor, we picked up Vegas 7 to compliment our audio pipeline of Acid and Soundforge. When ver. 8 came out the upgrade was $99. We’ve cut a narrative short with 7 and some high-end corporate videos with 8 and it worked well except for one beef. Like other programs, Vegas will allow you to playback the timeline in realtime but only if you don’t have any effects involved. That little detail almost cost us a client when we needed to do a quick ‘burn’ out to tape. With most other programs that support realtime effects if you have a firewire connected camera you can record to tape as the timeline plays out. Vegas will insist that you do a pre-render or a full render and won’t playback your effects. The only way we got through that was to render each completed segment as we went along. It was reminiscent of Premiere of old.

Far as getting 8 now is not a bad idea. Sony is wacky when it comes to their cameras, but really good about support form their multimedia software line. Upgrades are usually very cheap (Adobe are you listening?) so you can get on with editing and upgrade when 9 comes out. One thing I suggest you consider for future pc purchases is to steer clear of ‘Home’ and ‘Premium’ versions of Windows for your editing and graphic work. XP Pro and Vista Business gives you far more control of the OS and don’t come with all of the ‘gimmicky’ software bundled in. I’ve used XP Pro since ’02 and it’s been a stable OS and we’ve been working with Vista Biz since January and are quite pleased with its performance so far.

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