Tom, More good advice…t



More good advice…this is really quite a nice forum. Nobody has yelled at me even once. πŸ™‚

I had not thought about the school route (Go Vols!) but this might be just the thing as we collaborate with UT School of Medicine on a number of projects. Carson Newman University is also in the area and I had a good experience working with one of their interns in the church media center.

The on-air performers will be two of our clinicians who frequently present nationally. The script will be a distillation of their presentations. We have already had several meetings sorting out who does what and what the differences will be between this project and a live presentation. Various slides will be intercut with the spoken parts and I’m pushing for B roll shots of "patients" checking in, moving to exam rooms, etc. I think the producer role you mentioned might be a better fit.

I like the FCP idea but our IT dept is solidly PC – and it would be nice to have some tech support for the equipment. They groan every time I bring my Powerbook into a meeting.

Thanks again…

Gregg (with the checkered past…I used to do radio and TV commercials)

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