Tom, I know the Rushworks


I know the Rushworks product but not the others. Rushworks was a finalist for our project, but we decided to go with more of a Chevy 350 than a beta product. Rushworks is a small company and though I liked their product very much, the project was $80,000 so we went with Tightrope Media Systems. They are solid but maybe out of your budget. As for your other questions; What you put out depends on what connection and type of signal the cable company is expecting to get from you. We put out NTSC composite video and Stereo balanced audio that are fed to fiberoptic transmitters that are received at the cable companies head end. You should ask your cable companies head end engineer what terminations ans signals they expect to use. As for your PC’s output. Your best quality output will come from a dedicated decoder card that has broadcast quality out puts for video and audio. Most PC video cards that do have either NTSC or Y/C video outputs combined on the same card with DVI and VGA generate dubious quality from those additional outputs. Quality enough for a “show string” but not to be used unless you have no other choice.

Craig, holler if you have more questions

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