Tom, thanks for your input


Tom, thanks for your input. I was beginning to worry that people look away when they see “Romania”…
So indeed, most of the few Jews remaining in Radauti are Holocaust survivers and I got some off-camera stories already, just when doing the research, and I’m sure it will be no problem to get them again on-camera. But screening 40 people… I haven’t really thought about it before you mentioned it. It’s a tough one. Interesting, of course, and useful, but I have to talk it through with my partners, because initially we had decided to make a 15-20 min short video. Attending the Saturday service and some non-religious activities is a must and the head of the community is very cooperative, since no videographer showed interest in their community since the 70’s.
Time is not an issue, as we plan to have this produced by fall, so it’s no rush. Thanks again for your ideas. I hope I get some more feedback from this forum.

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