Tom Scratch Wrote:Hi, Clea


Tom Scratch Wrote:

Clearly, you guys are hyperactive in the cyber promotion department. As well as being proficient film makers. Your skills are on sharp display in both areas.
Your film looks like a nice little sadistical piece along the lines of Sin City. Definitely R rated, with the trailer a borderline PG-13. (Be aware that this forum has participation from Age 14 or so, up to very mature, probably evenly distributed.)
Your problem of course is that you have made a short, and how do you market a 20 minute short. I think you probably have a helluva demo reel with this film and you may get jobs in the industry, independent or mainstream, as a result, although not necessarily the cool jobs you want. Where’s Roger Corman when you need him. Who is doing today what he did way back when, giving Ron Howard, Francis Coppola, Peter Bogdonovich, Jack Nicholson, etc. etc. their first real jobs in the business. Based on the clip, your film seems more into shock, than into charm and clever amusing dialogue. Thus, you may have a hard time getting investers to put up big bucks so you can make a full length version, an approach that launched the Coen Brothers bigtime. Perhaps you could identify a producer/director sympathetic to your genre and send him/her 200 copies of your DVD. Something that extreme might get attention. Quentin T comes to mind.
There is an explosion of short film festivals of which the 48 Hour Film Project is the tip of the iceberg. Your competition is very good, but you may be up to it. Budgets of $5000 to $15000 and higher are not uncommon for 8 minute short films. I recently attended 40 short films over 2 days in DC and what’s bad is bad but what’s good I want to see again and again and I would pay standard ticket price to see the best of these at my cineplex.
You might consider (in your spare time once you get those industry jobs) making 3 more 20 minute films and packaging them with the help of the next New Line Cinema in the making. Multi story (foreign) films were hot in theaters many years ago; why not again? EROS recently tried this but the box office was tepid. You would think with new films by Soderbergh and Wong Kar Wai, that you could not go wrong, but the Antonioni piece was a disaster. There cannot be a weak link! Recently, Robot Stories was very successful as a world-wide four-wall distribution project (See Director Greg Pak’s web site.)
Final thought: Torture yourselves by seeing 300 short films over the next 3 months. When you find 10 that get you as excited as your own film, chat with those filmmakers about putting several together with potential for release as a feature film. I will look for you in a theater in my neighborhood.
Good Luck!!!!!!


Thank you for you kind words…

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