Todd, you may have the “cart


Todd, you may have the “cart before the horse” so to speak. Before you spend money on another editing software, clean your current computer. Use CCLEANER (it’s free) to get rid of “crap” unnecessary files from your Internet searches and other orphan files taking up space. Also, DEFRAG before any rendering. This is a must, especially for an under powered computer.

If the above doesn’t meet expectations, my first choice would be Sony’s Movie Studio. Just like you’ve done here in this bulletin board forum, you’re asking questions, looking for answers. Sony’s forums (not Sony’s itself), but ones like Creative Cow, have questions, like yours, and answers from users who’ve had experience and many professionals in the biz who’ll be happy to answer your specific questions. Second place to look would be YouTube as you can follow along with the tutorial videos to get you up and running.

Please post your results after you do a CCLEANER and defrag before you render your project. The reason? To help others who might read this set of posts/answers, so it may help them as well.

Good luck!

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