Today is August 4/10, and


Today is August 4/10, and I just wanted to let you know that I’ve completely changed my website.

I am now selling my royalty-free music as one 21-track collection (.zip file) priced at only…wait for it…$19.95 USD!

The songs are now in WAV file format, which I am told is much easier to work with

in video editing programs.

Full demos on the site ( ).

I can’t say for how much longer I will be able to offer anything, as Internet hosting fees are starting to get me, and I may have to take my site down altogether soon enough.

So come take advantage of my situation, while my site still exists.

Even though it’s hard to tell honesty from a slick ploy on the Internet, I assure you it’s the truth. I can’t make you believe me.

In any case, 21 tracks of music that you can use forever, for $19.95, is far from being a rip-off. If my site keeps going past October, it will be due to your kind purchases and your help in spreading the word. Or some other miracle!


Sean C.

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