(to xtr-91) yeah, but i ha


(to xtr-91)

yeah, but i have a few problems with that idea.

1)- i have my heart set on getting a dv camera at least, because i think its a lot cleaner and better quality.

2)- the point of this question was to find other camera’s comparable to the gl1/2, and frankly point and shoots wont meet a 3 ccd.even if they are hd.

3)- we wont be taken very seriously if we’re seen messing around with consumer point and shoots.

4)- i dont like the file format of jvc’s or panasonic’s. (mpeg 2 or .mod). its impossable to edit, and if you use a convertor, it totally kills the quality, so thats a no no.

sorry to be so critical, but the point is, im looking for prosumer dv, not consumer hdd.

sorry. anyone else?

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