To quote Birdcat: ” Luke –


To quote Birdcat:

” Luke –

There is a lot of audio noise in several segments (like where Frances Castenada is speaking). Take a look at Audacity (free) – Their Noise Reduction filter would be very helpful here. Along the same lines, NewBlueFX’s Audio Scrubbers collection ($60) is also very useful and relatively cheap. “

Better yet . . . turn off the air conditioner before you shoot! Get into the habit of sticking a finger in one ear before you roll and listen to the ambientBG in the room. This will give you a very good idea of the REAL ambience.

” Pan/Zoom – I know you said it was before may lessons learned, but it bears repeating – For most of your video clips, set the frame and leave it be. Panning & zooming can be done (better yet would be truck & dolly shots) but need to be used judiciously and need to be smooth . . . . “

Your pans and zooms would be less objectionable if they weren’t so jerkey. First, shoot from a good tripod . . . and then . . . did you shoot in an interlaced format and convert to 24P?? Or did you shoot in 24P, and if so, why? You’d probaby benefit from higher frame rate and interlaced when the camera or backgroundor framingmoves.

Rick Crampton

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