TO Derek/Key Master Just c


TO Derek/Key Master

Just curious. Did the technical issues with this forum begin when you were assigned oversight for it. How long have you been involved with it. For the first twoyears of my visits to this forum, there were no technical issues from a user standpoint (as opposed to an insider like you…)

I am now going to Control + because this print is too small in the window where I am composing. When I did Control +last time, it messed up the spacing in my compose window, i.e.,certain letters were running into other letters. So let’s see what happens:

OK continuing, so far so good, noletters bunching up on other letters. Whoops wrong: looking back over this lines, I count in the above line 6instances of improper spacing (too close or too far; another 5 in this line).

Soin my last post (hey master post), I had thisspacing issue. Then when I clicked Send Post, it went on to the VM forumclean. It looked good, no spacing problems no extraneous letter or symbols throwninby the machineghost.

However, when I went to correct a simpletypo (my mistake) and clicked to update with my edit, I got themess that now appears in that post,the gratuitous A’s everywhere with the curliecues above.

VM really needs to do something about this. It is ultra unprofessional and will steadily reduce traffic and customers if not fixed.

I am now going to post this and evenif I seetypos I made that should be corrected, I will not. I do not want anattack of killerA’s on this post.

OK here goes. Holding mybreath…


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