To clear up some confusion


To clear up some confusion. There is no inherent sound quality increase in a UHF wireless system versus a VHF wireless system. Any perceived quality increase would be the result of better electronics as most manufacturers tend to make the UHF systems their better quality products.

That said, you can still get very good results with VHF systems. However, due to what I stated above, it is likely that a VHF system will be more susceptible to unwanted interference.

I agree that the best option for quaility is always with a wired mic but might argue that a boom mic may not be preferable over a wireless lavalier in some situations. If you have a controlled environment, then a boom mounted shotgun may be much better, or maybe not. It depends a lot on the quality of the equipment, the situation, and what you are trying to accomplish.


Jeff Foster

Technical Director

Northside Baptist Church

Carrollton, Texas

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