To be clear — you want this


To be clear — you want this effect to happen to a “real world” C.U. of a handwritten list on a pad, not a graphic? Go Old School — a classic lock-down: set up your shot w/ props (including notepad) placed on prop desk/table/dresser. I’d advise actually gluing everything down – spray adhesive on the back of the pad/paper, maybe tic-tack for other props. Frame up and lock the camera in place on a solid tripod. Shoot a half minute or so of the setup – the paper should be BLANK (or contain just the items that are to remain). Carefully, without moving ANYTHING, write/add the items on the list that are supposed to disappear, and shoot another 30 sec. In the edit, you will simply dissolve from the take with the items, to the take without the items. It will look like they are disappearing while everything else remains in place. One of the simplest, oldest special FX in the book, but it works.

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