To answer your questions:


To answer your questions:

With the casters, there is no hesitation when changing direction whatsoever.

As the wheel is "grooved" in a way,
they grip the tube, so that they cannot swivel – thus it has the effect of locked down wheels with no swivel and no hesitation.

I choose metal pipes, mainly because of length. As the dolly track is 10 feet long, there is much less bending because of camera weight, than if PVC was used. As the camera and the tripod add up to over 10 pounds, metal was the way to go. I’m sure it could be done with PVC if you were using a lightweight tripod and camera…another benefit of the metal is that it can be greased if the wheels don’t work properly…It’s all up to you!

And a shot of the underside! Thanks for your interest 😀

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