To answer your questions:


To answer your questions:

Since you can encode and export to an mpeg file right away without any trouble, I would just keep doing it that way. I do that some times. The way I see it, at some point in time youll have to transcode that AVI file anyway so what difference does it make where you do it as long as your encoder is decent.

Windows XP handles all of the cache (pagefile) issues providing you have it set to manage itself but that is more for memory or what is called "Virtual Memory". What I was referring to is a directory on your HD where the program will temporally hold data until needed. Usually it sets this up by default but sometimes you can dictate where to set this up too. Remember though, were talking about disk space. I would think that 37 minutes of mpeg would require about 2 to 2-1/2 Gig of cache space needed depending on how much compression you used.

I use Nero Ultra 7 which contains like 9 different programs or something like that.


OK so youre saying that you can render and export OK with (MAGIX Video Edit Pro) but you cant burn anything from within it?

If youre able to render and export a complete mpeg/AVI video for the entire movie to your HD then Im assuming that there is nothing wrong with that part of the program. It sounds like its the burning of a disk that is the issue.

I couldnt help noticing a comment you made regarding shortening that mpeg file and then it burnt OK. Please forgive me but I have no way of knowing how much you know about burning playable video DVDs. You realize that there is a difference between a conventional mpeg format and a DVD format (VOB) right? In order to create an actual video DVD, you need to use a special DVD Authoring program or process. This is where an mpeg and audio file are multiplexed together and then re-coded into several IFO and VOB files. The VOB files (a form of mpeg) contain the video/audio and the IFO files contain the instructions on how it all plays together. There are others files too but there is no need to get into that. If youre not doing this and youre using a program configured to burn a video DVD, its possible that the burning program might vapor lock because the formats involved are not correct.

Now my question is, when you say you were originally trying to burn to a DVD, was there an actual setting in MAGIX Pro that said Create DVD or were you just encoding to an mpeg setting and assumed that this file would work for a video DVD?

I guess now Im wondering if the problem all the while here is format related rather than program or hardware related.

As you can imagine, debugging problems over a forum is kind of difficult but can you explain in some kind of detail what steps you were actually doing? I think were getting a little closer here.


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