To answer your first quest


To answer your first question, kids just love to watch themselves. I know it seems weird but they just do. I have had parents tell me that their sons cant go a week without throwing in their video and watching it again. I guess there is some kind of infatuation thing going on there. Also, if you read the signature I have at the bottom of my posts, it will pretty much explain the rest of the story. Do you know what it will be like when these kids are full-grown married adults with sons of their own? Imagine sitting down with your son and watching the old man play football in his days. Thats what its all about! Thats why I do it. I wish I had had someone do this for me when I played so that I could have shown my son (who played middle linebacker and graduated from HS and is now in collage) how good I was. All I have are newspaper articles and they are starting to get real yellow looking. :'(

Your copy question is a good one. We all have to deal with that. About the only way I can combat this is by packaging these in a real nice professional looking DVD case with fancy lables and DVDs w/labels. I would compare this to like a yearbook. They could copy the pages if they want, but it just wouldnt be the same as having the entire book all put together.

What I do every year is I make arrangements with the high school to show this on the big screen in this beautiful theater like auditorium they have. Everyone including parents grandmas and grandpas show up. It actually turnes out to be a pretty big deal. I would estimate about 200 people show up. Right after they watch this, the only thing they can think of is that they have to have one right now so I have them all made up and ready to sell. My goal is usually 50. I guess if they want to copy them they could, but they would just have plan looking DVDs. Most of these players know me real well too, so I guess out of respect, the majority of them will buy them from me. Besides, its usually the parents that pull out the checkbooks anyway.

As far as watching 2-1/2 hours of video, a football season is pretty long so there is a lot of highlight footage to include. Especially this year because they went to the state championship game in Madison which was Greendale’s first time. I would think that most of these guys dont actually sit down and watch the whole thing all the time, they might just flip through to their favorite parts. I have them all set up with menus so they can jump around to where ever they want.

Like I mentioned to you earlier, this is history that will never happen again and people will pay so that they can relive that anytime they want. Thats what event videography is all about! Its modern technology at its finest. It sure beats looking at yellow newspaper clippings. X-D


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