To add to Grinner’s point,


To add to Grinner’s point,

You need to know when you need a crew and when you don’t. This stuff happened decades ago when kodak put out consumer grade cameras so ‘mom and pop could take happy snaps’. Just because M&P could do it didn’t put pro photographers out of business. The YouTube yahoo’s will not put pro video and film producers out of business either. Just like getting your friend’s brother who works on plumbing to work on your pipes instead of a trained licensed plumber is asking for trouble.

As others have said, it’s up to you to show potential clients why it’s better to pay a few $k to get something that looks and sounds like what you see on tv and in the movies. Little billy, johnny and Uncle Bob can’t possibly get that same kind of look and production values with just a happy cam and enthusiasm. Just because you can play basketball doesn’t mean you’d have a prayer on an NBA court! You still have to know what you are doing and how best to get it done. That said, it’s still going to cost some money.

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