To accomplish this effect you

Luis Oscar MaymiLuis Oscar Maymi

To accomplish this effect you need to light your greenscreen perfectly if not it will not look good. You can't have any noise or sprinkles in your footage. For further help check out this tutorial on how to light a greenscreen a la guerrilla style. After you record import the footage to your editing software, remove the green and export the footage. I recommend exporting in H.264 and at the lowest file size possible (while maintaining picture quality of course).

For the next step you need to know about web design and HTML. Basically the video of the person is a "popover" code that activates whenever you input the code in your website.
The video player needs to hide the control menu, autoplay and be embeded in either flash or HTML5. If you don't know anything about coding websites I suggest you hire a pro to do this step.

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