tkelly16 Wrote:A person ha


tkelly16 Wrote:

A person has restored the footage and put it on a DVD but every file, instead of being a .avi or .mov, etc., is in .gif format. it’s like he took each frame and layered and layered it into one .gif file.

Wow! 😯

I don’t think I ever heard of this before. You’re saying that this guy took like 8mm or something and converted it to a DVD in a GIF format?

Why GIF?

What good is that going to be? You can’t play a gif formated file on a DVD player unless I’m outa touch with reality.

I just had this done for my boss and the place I took it to took all of the 8mm and converted it to a standard DVD mpeg format so that my boss could watch them on his TV with a standard DVD player.

"compusolver", have you heard of this before? BTW: How’s the widescreen edit going?


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