TJF, Okay I watched 3 of y



Okay I watched 3 of your vids, ‘Tunnel Vision’, ‘Graveyard Erotica’ and the ‘God Created Firemen….’ You are no doubt an amateur shooter and what I saw is typical of what I complain about on the ‘Tube.

Now, that said I will say that you do have an ‘eye’ for this kind of thing but no training whatsoever. I was really disappointed with the ‘Tunnel’ and ‘Graveyard’ vids. They both started out looking to be very intriguing ideas, but you didn’t do anything with them. For example;

On the tunnel vid, you’ve got this wonderfully framed, focused and exposed shot of the rear of the subway train facing out into the underground station. The visual of the train moving into the tunnel is stunning and I could feel the wind and the enclosed space as I watched. And that was it. You didn’t show the front view or a side view outside the window or anything else. You just hung on the original shot on and on. Halfway in I started fast forwarding to see if anything changed which it didn’t and you lost me.

Same thing goes for the Graveyard thing. You just seemed fascinated with the stone boobies of one statue. Never did you give us a shot of the whole cemetery and out of a whole ‘garden of stone’ you could only find one half naked statue? You did put the one of the cherub at the end but it looked like an afterthought you just stuck on the end.

The Fireman vid was really disappointing because here you had a human drama and were too timid to show it. Yeah, yeah, I know ‘They wouldn’t let me get any closer’. I’ve dealt with that more times than I can count. But nothing was stopping you from ‘zooming in’. You did move around some to get different angles, but not enough to get anything better than ‘Newsie’ looking footage. And on top of that, you ‘missed’ the ‘payoff’ shot when they got the person out of the car and stuck on that clip of the person’s feet sticking out just as they put him into the ambu. Oh I could have screamed!

Technically, I must say ‘Stop using Auto focus, Auto zoom and Auto Exposure!’ Stop it and stop it now. You have some really good shots set up and they are getting ruined by the focus and exposure going in and out randomly. It’s irritating. Learn how to shoot with your manual settings as they will help you maintain consistent picture quality and keep your images from looking ‘Tubish’.

Now you may feel you’ve been criticized too harshly, but know that when I started out doing this stuff I was just a little above the skill level you are. I had an eye and some training but I was working professionally. When it came time for my first critiques I got dragged over the coals in every direction you could think of. It hurt at first, but it made me a much better shooter. I strongly advise you to look through VM’s free ‘how to’ vids as I believe they will help you put your eye and shooting skills on the same page. With more shoots under your belt and a better understanding of video story telling, I’ll expect to see your work showcased on Vimeo!

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