Tirisius, I’ve got the A1U



I’ve got the A1U. For the money you cant beat it. HD quality like a Z1U in good light. I’m working on a documentary with mine.Sony has a 3cmos camera and I hear its not as good as the1cmosHVR-A1U. I dosome local commercial work with it and online businessvideos.I would suggest the wide angle lens, a cavision lense hood for it and the big battery to help even out the weight. Then get a spiderbrace.That little camera is like a champ. All the guys with the 3ccdStandard def Cameras see me with it and hate on me because its lighterputs out a slightly better picture and is much cheaper. They constantly use that 3ccd standard on me and I tell them mycamera doesnt work on chips it works ona sensor and its HD. I was at a conference and some guys were hating on the A1U because they said it was small and wasnt viewed as professional. They said it couldnt open doors like a bigger camera could even if the picture quality was higher with that A1U over say the vx21000. That could be an issue for some thats why I say go for the wide angle lens and the cavision hood with the spider brace. Anyone who sees it set up on the brace opens doors for me. Everyone always ask me the same thing when I film. How much did that cost because it looks expensive? I constantly work with people who arent in front of cameras a whole lot and I tell you thats when the size pays off. They get less nervous when you take that wide angle lense off and the camera gets smaller. The two issues I see are the bottom tape loading and they have a mount to fix that and low light levels. If the light is low youre going to have problems of course if you were shooting in low light with a 3ccd standard def camera in the same light you’d probably be looking for a way to lighten things up with it as well. I dont have one yet but, Id suggest a good Led on camera light . Hope your documentary goes well and my suggestion is to shoot in HDV with the HDV tapes, edit in HDV and if at all possible put out to a HD DVD. If you do that and keep the lighting well your going to amaze people with the picture quality.

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