Tirisius, I’ve got the A1U


Tirisius, I’ve got the A1U. For the money you cant beat it. HD quality like a Z1U in good light. I’m working on a documentary with mine.Sony has a 3cmos camera and I hear its not as good as the1cmosHVR-A1U….

I ended up purchasing the HVR-A1U, and so far I LOVE this thing. I’m going to be selling my GL2 on eBay very soon.

You’re right, it’s not great in low light, and I’m going to have to purchase an LED light for it. I’m also really really annoyed that you can’t put a polarizing filter on it without taking off the lens hood. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if I had time to set up every shot, but documentary filming is spontaneous, and I don’t have time to decide if I want to the lens hood or the filter when I walk outside, following a subject. I’m also annoyed that there’s no f-stop readout on the screen (and I’ve already put a small pencil mark below the LCD screen to indicate the transition between iris and exposure), but all these little complaints are outweighed by the little camera’s awesome performance.

I purchased 2 big batteries along with it, which has been very handy, but they’re so big I can barely look through the viewfinder. Oh well, though … you can’t beat 4 hours of battery life. I also upgraded the mic to the Rode NTG1. In the 8 hours of shooting or so I’ve done so far, it’s performed admirably. I wanted to get something a bit higher end, but anything bigger than the NTG1 would dwarf the camera itself and make it too bulky.

I’m not sure yet about the Spiderbrace, but I do need to get a wide-angle lens, and of course a lens hood to go along with it. Which did you purchase? There seem to be 3 or 4 options on B&H, and of course a plethora of options if you get a step-up. Let me know which parts you’ve put together for your setup and how they’ve performed so that I can take them into account when I make my purchase.

Thanks for all your help thus far!

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