Tim, sorry for the blank p


Tim, sorry for the blank post. What composite mentioned is certainly true. I am assuming you will probably be shooting this as a favor( don’t make this your wedding gift) and the couple knows that you are short on experience. I checked out your videocamera’s specs and it should do very good along with the tripod for steady shots (a must for professional video). It appears you cam does well in low light so you may not need led light in the church but might come in handy at the reception when the lights are turned down. Tips for the shoot: try to make the rehearsal, introduce yourself to the minister as videographer and check where you are allowed to be and not be. Use the rehearsal to pick out spots to get the best view to catch the important moments. Wedding day get there early shoot some b-roll (look it up). Catch some before wedding shots of the groom, bride and wedding party with permission of course. Lots of shots of the interior of the church, bouquets, rings, unity candles are very helpful when editing. Pick up a program and study, keep it with you find out what the first important person who will process down the aisle looks like.Find out what music will be playing so you have a heads up when you need to start shooting. Set camera on tripod a little bit before you need to shoot the first person (grandparent?) down the aisle. Start shooting a little early and keep it running to not miss anything or anybody important. Know when the bride is about to come and dolly in position to get her entrance expect people leaning in the way. Before I forget introduce yourself to the photographer as early as possible before the ceremony and try to accomodate each other in position in the church. The two of you should check in with the DJ or hall consultant at the reception for the order of events there. Back to the ceremony, Keep rolling throughout anticipate what and where and who is next. If you are near the front know when you will have to scurry to the back to catch the procession out. If there are pictures after in the church, stick around for a few short shots of the couple together (more b-roll). Reception- more of the same: know what is coming and set up for the shots. Tripod is possible for steadiness but get the important moments. Sorry for the lengthy post but I’m assuming this is new to you. It is a live event so you must be on your toes and be able to improvise on the spot. The more footage you have to work with in post the better video you will be able to produce. Above all shoot, shoot, practice with your equipment and make afew short videos to disc to see how what you shoot becomes on disc. Keep shooting.

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