Thx for the great replies.


Thx for the great replies. I gather then that my idea of taking the mini dvd#1 of the daughters family and burning it to my larger 4.75 dvd is going to be degradation? and then when I add mini dvd #2 to it, the end result is a blurry mess as it is a copy of what came out of the camcorder which from several posters comes out bad directly from the source.

Is this b/c it is digital?

BTW, I was looking up Sony’s Vegas MSDVD6 and it indicates the hook up has to be firewire connector/IEEE – 1394 and our notebook is 2.1 usb.

Is this the only program that can be used to edit the Sony?
Just trying to get things into perspective for the future.
Sounds like there is a void now for quality camcorder video.

I was looking at the Sony mini dvd 46 which looked not bad, however I will have to use film and then convert to dvd which will be second generation and will lose quality.
As the better half has said we don’t want to spend thousands on a camera for family use which will not be used half as much as our old hi 8 when the kids were busy and it had the great infrared compared to our other models that had focus via TTL and we were not impressed.
We always select Sony b/c of the quality, but it sounds like the images when moving are bleary right out of the camera.
How do they charge over a thousand dollars for such quality??

BTW, we are still unclear as to whether or not we can burn the mini dvd1 onto the 4.75 dvd and then insert mini dvd #2 into the burner and then have a full hour on that 4.75 dvd.
Again asking this question for the future.

What new Sony camcorder out there that is not in the thousands is any good or is there not one in existence???

I again thankyou for your comments and look forward to the above, sorry for sounding so dense; however dvd sounded like the great way to go until now.
BTW, non of us are High Definition TV owners and won’t be going that route until all of our new tv’s the oldest 2 yrs and 30 inch max size , suddenly drop dead.
We are not tv buffs.

Again comments, thankyou. Trying to straigten out the mind!!! Still stuck in Hi 8 groove and our professional work monster cameras.

Best Regards

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