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Though the music you are using may seem to be getting old because you keep using it, it is new to each client. I use Digital Juice Back Traxx music because of the very broad licensing agreement that allows a person to use the music for many applications without further fees. There are several songs I like but it does get boring using them over and over – But for my clients, its the first time for them.

As far as copyright, its not just a money issue, but the author’s right to approve or disapprove how his or her music is used. Just because the CD was bought, that doesn’t give a person the right to use it beyond personal enjoyment. If the wedding party puts part of the wedding movie on YouTube, you could find yourself in court. There is a case with a woman who video taped her child dancing to a Prince song and put it on YouTube so her relatives could see how cute her kid danced. Prince is suing her.

The music industry could increase its income by allowing people to pay a small fee to use their music in limited productions, like weddings, vacation videos, etc., At the rate the music industry is going with this copyright issue, some people are going to stop buying music in protest.

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