Those panasonic Camera’s a


Those panasonic Camera’s are great all of them- I read some user ratings and a guy wishes he would have gotten sony’s vx2100. I lookm,ed at this camera and it looks like the panny 100b equivelent with a much better price. Am I wrong it this sony Camera not a movie camera. You allready said the 100b is a movie camera correct. I see in the technical specs of all of these and even the FX-1 which you recommended against for movie making, and all of these camera’s advertise movie modes, like ciniswitch and ciniframe… How are you able to determine that the FX-1 is for events and won’t do me right for movies.. I am lost? I did notice that alot of people had complaints of image quality in the 16×9 mode cause it is not "native" I am assuming 16 by 9 is widescreen dimensions. sony’s vx2100 is a camera you mention on here that own (if i am not mistaken)… It is obviously your experience that allows to judge a camera for purpose. Can you recommend some other options for my purpose? the FX 1- vx2100 and the advertise abilities for film making… I am confused…

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