This whole format thing dr


This whole format thing drives me nuts. Why aren’t there standards? I see you are a Web developer. It reminds me of how you have to test Web sites to see how they will work in the different browsers.

I switched from +R’s to -R’s because there was a problem with a different customer on a different project, and the switch did the trick. I thought the -R’s were considered the more universal.

What do the commercial DVD’s use?

I did hear back from the guy later yesterday, and his new disc worked fine.

I presume when you say “older” DVD player, that could mean a player from 2003? (what does that make me, ancient?)

What brand of disc do you guys like? Sony, Fuji…?

To put all my cards on the table; I didn’t “sell” the production, but gave them away in exchange for a minimum “donation.”

I am a middle school teacher. Last year one of our school’s and community’s most beloved veteran teachers died very suddenly on the job. We are raising money to construct a large memorial garden in the court yard of our new building (we move in next fall). Anyway, we held a teacher talent show and sold tickets for the cause. I then made a video of the show and made it available for the minimum donation of $10. Of course everyone received a brochure from my video tribute and memorial business along with their DVD.

The shooting of the video wasn’t planned. It was rather spontaneous, but I was able to get video from two different cameras. So I managed to do some hard work in the editor and put something together that everyone was excited about.

In the spring there will be a student talent show. I am trying to figure out how to sell DVD’s of that event and still comply with copyrights of the various songs performed in it. If I can work that out, it is very likely to be quite profitable.

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