This thread is amazing! H


This thread is amazing!

Here’s a thought and possible solution:

For the most part Im a person that hates politics and red tape. One of the biggest reasons (IMO) that vid guys dont bother to get the OK to use copywrited material is because its a major hassle and it takes too long.

Am I right?

What if there was a centralized website geared for videographers where you could just click on a song, fill in a little bit of info, pay a nominal fee via a CC and in return you get some kind of legal doc saying that you paid for the right to use that music and be done with it? This site would need to be simple and fast. It also probably would have to be set up and overseen buy whoever does this stuff now with the intension that the music will be used for low volume production runs. Maybe they could set up a simple price structure based on what youre using the music for and how may copies youre planning to make. Then everyone would be happy and it would be legal and it wont be a big hassle!

Yeah No Maybe???


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