This thread does need an


This thread does need an update.

Using a laptop for video editing and professional video editing is possible and not overly expensive.

The right specs are found in gaming computers. I finally purchased a new laptop after Christmas as I finally came across one that had a 1920X1080 resolution

It has better specs than the top video computer on The site is worth the visit as it explains the details well.

I purchased a Dell Inspiron 7559 at Best Buy Canada.

It may go by another name or be no longer available but since dell builds to specifications you can get something like it or better.

i7-6700HQ 2.6 ghz which is a 6th gen intel processor.
came with 8GB Ram but I added another 8GB

1 Terabyte HD
No optical drive.

It was 1,199.00 Canadian
2nd 8GB about 70 Canadian.

I have Adobe CC and use Premiere Pro without any problems.

The laptop website says that the newer i7s 4th generation up are what one needs to do professional grade editing. I am not a professional but prefer to use the best I can afford.


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